April 09, 2013

Standard Shimla Stint.. Day3 & 4..

Day3 : Naldehra..Tattapani and the Mall road..

Again we get up to a very clear sky.. No sign of rain and yes it did not rain overnight yesterday as it did the day before..
Naldehra to Mashobra is just about 12kms.. but still took us a good half an hour to reach there... 
by the looks of it, we were the first tourists on the spot..
We wanted to cramp in the Jakhu temple too, today.. it was only 9.30, but given how much time we spent yesterday and not knowing how much time it would take to see Naldehra, we decided to take the Rs.250 horse ride again.. 

The beautiful HPTDC cottages at Naldehra.. Wish I had stayed at one of them..

April 08, 2013

Standard Shimla Stint.. Day2.. Part2..

Ohh did I not tell you we spent more than 2 hours at Kufri.. And if you are wondering what we did.. here it is..

After we came back to the parking lot, our driver, mr.kewalji told us that there is a very good Zoo in Kufri, it is one of the must visit places around 
being the Touristy tourists we were, we nodded, and climbed up the slope to what looked like an entrance to the zoo..
Entry fee was 20 per adult and another 20 for the camera..
Interesting board read "There are 59animals and 54 bird species in there, do not trust people who say there is nothing to see inside".. We should have taken this as a warning, but anyway decided to go inside..

April 06, 2013

Standard Shimla Stint.. Day2.. Part1..

Day 2 : To Kufri and the Institute of Advance Studies..

The day started with the weather all clear.. no sign of rain after the overnight thunderstorm.. Also signs of Hails in the night could be seen.. but that meant there could have been snowfall up on the higher mountains..

I walked out at 6.45am for a stroll around the hotel .. 

April 04, 2013

Standard Shimla Stint.. Day1..

This blog is about a trip...
 to the the snow clad mountains where your eyes will bling..
 to the awesome river where there is hot water spring..
 to the beautiful places where the birds just sing..
 to the golf course where people take swing..
 and finally to the temple, where faith will bring..
 ting ting titing..

Other rides

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