March 11, 2009

Riding to the family God.. Velneshwar...

i had not done a ride since october 2008..the itch to ride was too irresistible..and it was a 3 day weekend to top it up..
Darth called up two weeks ago to confirm for jaisalmer..but work pressure now a days is just too much..did not get time to get my bike ready for such a long ride..had to give him kalti just two days prior to d ride..sorry mate..

But d itch to ride is not so easy to overcome..called up moo anus n ghan..n i would be riding..not to the sand dunes but to d beach sand..destination again one of d konkan beach..





The beach is one of d very secluded beaches of maharashtra..325kms from matunga..

route taken: panvel-nagothane-chiplun-velneshwar..

We decided to start at 5am so that we reach velneshwar before it gets too hot..but as expected we started at 5.45am..The weather was chilly..and d NH17 with all d trees around makes it really cold..
We were cruising on d 2 lane highway with d speeds of around 80-90kmph..The chill was doing its job..i had to stop for d bio break..stopped somewhere on d highway..done with emptying d bladders,photosession n suddenly Vroooom -a red coloured hayabusa goes past us..then again Vroooom-its a silver fireblade..

Its 7.15am when we reach nagothane..about 105kms from d palm beach road..we covered d distance in an hour n 30minutes..have idli-wada-sambar n filter coffee..leave from there at 7.45am..

On d highway..cruising towards d destination..mohit dhananjay ride ahead to click a few snaps at mahad..wait for me to reach there..but im about 2-3kms behind them when i feel d rear wobble.. I stop n check..d pressure looks fine.. So start riding but again feel d wobble ..stop n check again..ahh..d tyre is getting flat..decide to keep riding as d tyre is not totally flat..pass anup who is waiting at a spot to take a snap.. Wave him n move ahead.. Mohit waits with d camera for me.. Show him d flat tyre n keep moving.. Find a puncture shop about a km away from d mahad river.. We were there at takes an hour to leave from there..

we keep riding passing mangaon roha khed in no time..get down d parshuram ghat n wait to take d right for guhagar..but one scooter uncle suggests that we take d route from chiplun as we will directly get on d state highway..we had to go through very narrow roads of d town..we were told by d locales that after chiplun there r no petrol pumps for 40kms.. Now d r15 would need fuel after about 60kms..

we are about 30kms from guhagar when i c a board which points to d says velneshwar 25kms..we take this road which goes from d other side of velneshwar..d road has absolutely nothing..n i forgot that mohits bike needs petrol..we keep riding thru d narrow road n reach velneshwar at 1.45pm..

had a very heavy home made lunch at d lodge..dozed off til 5..

Went to d beach.. did some photography and a very nice bath in the Arabian sea. The water is absolutely clean.. one can see his feet on the sand beneath..

We were there till the sun set.. Had wadapav for snacks and moved to the hotel.. came back later in the night to check out the beach. Its just too amazing to resist..

It would be Mahashivratri on Monday so the temple was lit up by the bulbs.. it was looking stunning..

Day 2

Start in the morning at 7.00 am and are cruising at 40-50kmph to save fuel. Fill up at Tali which is about 20kms from Velneshwar.. then it’s a free run again back to home..

Keep taking breaks at regular intervals.

Take a food break at Parshuram ghat.. some photography done there.

At the end of the parshuram ghat


Somewhere near Raigad..

Then there were no stops for photographs.. reached home at 2.30pm for lunch..

It was a very nice ride and a nice break from the everyday chores...

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