April 13, 2008

kissed the tarmac !

pulsar180 - Rs.65000
jacket - Rs.4500
gloves - Rs.750

when you dont wear the 4500 worth jacket - useless
slip in a banking and still getting out without major injuries - priceless !

prelude :
i sit as the pillion to get my bike from servicing.. we are at chembur and d rider wizzzez thru till vashi doing a good 100kmph..
get my bike serviced and ready for the lonnng runs...
meet a few friends and are deciding on having a dinner together.. wait for "the rider", but then decide to help him out in his work to get it finished..
he has to deliver some cutlery to his uncle and so we decide me will leave him to the house and then move ahead for dinner..
he sits back.. i turn the throttle..

he says "abhi badla lega kya" (will u take a revenge now?") .. i say "NO", but i see the nice banking turn up ahead and am ready to bank..speed touching around 45-50kmph..i slow a bit and i bank a bit tooo much and the rear looses the grip.. i leave the bike and slide on the tarmac.. gloves do the job of protecting my hands.. but i am not wearing the jacket ! so arm kisses the tarmac... watch "the rider" and bike slide along with sparks towards the divider.. "the rider" hits the divider pretty hard but stand up.. we pick up the bike.. hear people murmuring "thoda dheere to karna tha" (should have slowed down)..

bike is ok.. i am a ok with my jeans torn and arm bruised.. check "the rider" ,he has got more injuries but none serious.. cutlery - no where to be seen..

overconfidence in banking caused the slide..
should have been more cautious with a pillion behind me..
should have taken the jacket along..

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