April 03, 2009

Riding to the beach.. again...

Destination - Bhatye beach, Ratnagiri
Distance from matunga - approx 370kms
time taken one way - approx 8 hours (including an hour of break for breakfast and other stuff)

It was a saturday night.. all of us were laughing our hearts out at Sankets jokes.. and in the talks came the plan to ride in a group after a long time..
all of us there were eager to ride.. Vinod had plans of a 500km ride starting Friday night.. but they had to change all that because of me..
thank you all very much for that gesture..

so it was again deepak who had to find out a destination .. and this is what he sent on the mail..
excerpts from the mail..
"With initial places being decided at Tambarde and Kunkeshwar in Malvan- it would only be possible to leave on Friday night. Leaving on Saturday morning riding for 550 kms and then returning back the next day wouldnt make much sense. So I've shortlisted a place called Bhatye Beach in Ratnagiri. As per info from my colleague who is from Pavas which is close to Bhatye, there are ample and inexpensive accomodation options to stay overnight. Here's the pic of the beach. Googled around for a few snapshots of the beach and got this (seems pretty clean):




so it was decided.. Bhatye beach it is going to be..

Riders list
Deepak -- P150
Revel -- Hunk
Vinod -- P180
Sarang -- P180
Vaibhav -- P180
Dhananjay -- P220
Alkesh -- P220
Glen -- Zma
Arjun -- Zma
Sanket -- Zma
Parimal -- Zma (he joined us later at the destination)

Other rides

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