August 17, 2008

Ride to Bhandardara...

Aug 15th 2008 -- 61 years of Indian Independence..
A ride through the craters of NH3 (Mumbai-Agra) we reach the Igatpuri village.. Take a right for Ghoti and from there its on SH21 to Bhandardara.. the roads of SH21 are much much better than the NH3..
Total distance covered 360kms..

Somewhere on the NH3..

Stop just after taking the right at Igatpuri..

anup,amit and gopi..

Gopi trying to catch the clouds through the new Canon DSLR..

portable rain cover..

on the greens..

Macro.. i love..

current desktop wallpaper..

trying to get down the incline on a marshy land..
this is wat happens..Gopi 1st..

Darth ooorf amit 2nd..

can these two push it up..

that needed 3 people..


red and green combination..

i like this photo.. but for the RTR back there..

the DSLR owner testing it..


wonder what he was doing in that field..

Game on.. Counter Strike..


lake arthur..

spot anything weird..??

he is holding the cam in the right hand and looking thru the left eye..
step into the lake..

four of us..

bike and the background..

the full album..

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