February 21, 2011

300mm birding @Bhigwan...

Date : 20th  Feb 2011 ..

Bhigwan is a small town located on the Pune-Solapur (NH9) highway.. the main attraction of the town is the birdwatching sight at backwaters of the Ujni dam..

It takes atleast 2.30hours to 3 hours to reach bhigwan from Pune..

I made a halt at pune overnight.. started at 5.30am and reached Bhigwan at 8.00am..
Earlier the better.. more chances of spotting the birds..
Once you reach the highway at bhigwan take the first left which will take you to the Diksal area..backwaters of Ujni dam..ask locals for directions..
At Diksal  short boat rides are avaiable.. We paid 100 per head (expensive) for a short ride in the backwaters to spot Flamingos.. This year there are only 2 of them as per the villagers..

Also made me realise that 300mm is not at all enough for birding :(

I couldnt visit other areas coz of lack of time on hand..

here are some of the photos from the Diksal region..

Other rides

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