January 02, 2008

d wild ass ride...

Vaibhav Gokhale - Pulsar dtsi UG2

Amit Patil - Pulsar 200


The little Rann of Kutch

Route taken..
Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Sakhrej - Sanand - Viramgram - Kharaghoda

Distance covered..
approx 1380 kms

Time taken..
3 days (29th Dec'07 - 31st Dec'07)

Call up Amit on 28th dec and ask him if i could ride with him..He happily agrees and even gives me confidence about riding along..we decide to meet under the andheri flyover at 6am..
i call up Parimal to get some tips for the loooong ride..as usual he is as helpful as he can be.. lends me his Saddle bag(which definitely helped a lot)..
all packed and ready to leave i put an alarm to get up at 4.30..

29th dec:
fone buzzez under my head..
its 4.30am.. get up right away without any snoozing.. Amit gives a call to check if im up and ready to go..
get ready and go down to put on the saddle bag.. it was easy.. not rocket science as i felt :p
leave from house at 5.45am and reach below the andheri (jog) flyover at 6.00am..
wait there and c a guy all geared up for the ride.. Amit it was.. introduce each other and get a few tips from him for the ride..

Amit leads d way..

As we get out of mumbai it starts getting colder..we reach near manor n decide to take a pee stop.. its damn cold there.. hands are numb.. start from there in 10mins..

keep riding through the truck traffic for about 45 mins.. its around 8 am and we have covered only about 80 odd kms.. stop again.. This time have bread jam which amit has packed for the ride..

This time the stop exceeds the 10mins..
keep taking break after every 50 odd kms.. The tarmac is fantastic to ride on..

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