July 29, 2007

Solo ride to Karnala..

Decided to start at 5.30 in the morning today..meet Mohit Arun at Vashi and go ahead to Karnala..
Got up at 5.00am..n all i was able to hear was the noise that the rain was making on the roof top.. it was raining really hard.. n i was not able to understand how long it was raining.. so called up Mohit and we decided to drop the plan as we had to be back by 10.00am..

but i wasn't happy canceling the ride.. i was so excited to ride that road.. i got up at 11.00am.. and decided to start for the ride alone at 12.30pm..
as i go down to start my bike so did the rain.. it was as heavy as it could be.. so i stopped for a while but the rain Gods had a different idea i suppose..

started my ride in the rain.. It was around 12.50pm then..
i was riding in a heavy downpour.. for a change the roads towards vashi are still in good shape.. so was able to ride at an average speed of 50kmph...

Reached the Palm beach road and my horn started honking continuously.. so stopped beneath the palm beach flyover..tried to remove the wires n put them back..but that dint work.. the horn still honking..a guy standing on a scooter besides me checked it out..he told me the problem was in the button n not in the horns..so that was done.. but the downpour had not yet stopped.. so i decided to wait there for a while..

The rain hadn't stopped yet.. but i was itching to ride.. so started again in the rain.. it was really really heavy and the winds also hard.. riding was made difficult by the bad helmet wiser which the studds helmet has.. anyways had no other choice...but was a great experience..

The rains made way to a beautiful weather as i reached belapur..
decided to fill up petrol near the panvel bypass road.. n took the panvel bypass.. its a toll road similar to the expressway..
reached panvel in no time.. took a right for the NH17 mumbai-goa highway...

the road is all twists and turns.. beautifully laiden.. embraced by nature..
i rode the whole way at a consistent 70-80kmph...saw karnala bird sanctuary pass by me n thot that it was too short.. so decided to ride a few kms more.. rode towards Goa which was just 636kms away.. reached a toll naka and turned back to the sanctuary..reached there at 2.30pm..

parked my bike outside the sanctuary and went in to be disappointed.. there were only 4 cages inside.. one with rabbits.. one with parrots.. one with pea-hen and the last with a pea-cock..
but if one dares.. then there is a Karnala Fort which can be trekked to.. i dint dare it as i was alone n the Fila shoes had no grip..

started back at 3.00pm.. no rains till this point in time.. sat on bike.. n rains.. n the same maddening rains...
rode till the toll naka again to get a feel of the awesome twists...

reached belapur to meet mohit.. made him jealous.. n reached back at 5.30pm to matunga..my residence..

no pics as it was raining so dint take a cam..
but it was an beautiful ride..n the rains made it amazing..!!!

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