October 02, 2010

KAAS Information

How to reach KAAS :

One has to go through Satara city to visit Kaas..
On the highway.. riding towards satara.. when you see stone quarries on t
he right side.. slow down.. this place is called Limkhind..
there will be a board which says .. Satara City to the left..
take the left to the go downwards and take the first right..
keep asking locals for MolachaWada..
From here ask locals for Rajwada..
here on there are no problems to reach Kaas..

Distance between Mumbai and KAAS:
KAS is exactly 300kms from Matunga, Mumbai. 
Its 23kms from Satara.

How long does it take to reach Kaas :
If you are traveling in a car, it would take around 4-6 hours depending on the speed and number of breaks in between.

What to expect from KAAS :

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